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Southwest Airlines Allegedly Cut Corners, Pilots Struggled to Get Planes to Take Off

Southwest Airlines allegedly jeopardized the safety of thousands of flights by forcing its pilots to fly beyond the limits of safety recommended by Boeing for operating the airline’s fleet of 737 aircraft. This charge is in a new report made by a Senate committee as part of a scathing indictment of the Federal Aviation Administration’s oversight of the safety of America’s airline passengers. The committee is chaired by Senator Roger Wicker, Republican, of Mississippi. ( 更多...

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Highflyer1950 4
Lot of allegations made. Southwest did a have few aircraft that needed to be reweighed to reflect an hIgher Operating weight but I think they are weighed every 5 years anyway. Incorrect numbers from STOC whether load distribution, baggage, cargo or fuel along with WAT limit speeds may lead to a wrong trim setting, but usually by not more than a degree or two. Flight crew should always check known calculations anyway, however the Max is quite sensitive in pitch with flaps up and autopilot off as I’ve been told but I find the article a little far reaching for me. I have found that many military drivers with less than 4000 hours and used to carrier landings at 1.5g at full military power to be not necessarily the smoothest but there are exceptions.
bentwing60 1
Not to mention a 40 degree bank to join the localizer.
linbb 3
Well gee this is really worth reading, NOT, as its just someone speculating on something no facts.
Silent Bob 2
That article is so full of half-truths, exaggerations, and media panic porn it's not even funny.

I'll be the first to admit the "new" PWB system was not without its teething problems, but there was nothing even close to "incredibly dangerous". There is always the possibility of human error(s), but the system itself is not flawed and I have no clue what "safety buffers" were supposedly removed.

It's quite humorous how the FAA will literally freak out over minor paperwork issues, which is what happened when some aircraft's weight and balance were not updated properly. Keep in mind we're talking maybe a few hundred pounds at most compared to an empty weight close to 100,000 pounds. While at the same time the FAA still allows the use of average passenger weights, which includes carry-on luggage as that obviously isn't weighed at all. So each and every time an airliner takes off its actual weight will be at least a few hundred pounds different than its calculated weight based solely on the difference between the average passenger weight and what they really weigh. And at least in the US we all know the average passenger hasn't gotten any lighter!
Jasper Buck 2
"veteran former Naval pilot, Jeffrey Rees, who served as one of the FAA’s safety inspectors at the airline’s Texas base."

I bet he'll be the most popular guy in the office. Based on my experience he'll be quietly moved to another office, given little to do, become increasingly bored, then retire or quit. He may make an appearance or two on 60 Minutes, MSNBC, or similar TV show then he will have had his 15 minutes of glory. Seen all this before.
patrick baker 2
shocking headline, good for attention getting only. So , no airline pilot is going to agree to operate his plane over gross take0ff weight- that in theory would make the plane struggle to take off. As would operating the aircraft outside the weight and balance envelope- again, no pilot will do that. Hysterical mush comprises this pile of dung drivel.


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