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New American Airlines Wheelchair Policy Strands Passengers Relying on Mobility Devices

A change to the wheelchair policy at American Airlines has quietly flown under the radar for months. The revised guidelines put weight restrictions on electric wheelchairs for certain flights that were previously capable of transporting the same mobility devices. The move appears to be a cost-cutting measure that could run afoul of federal regulations and disenfranchise countless travelers who rely on mobility devices. The issue first started to get attention when accessible travel blogger John… ( 更多...

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WhiteKnight77 1
This sounds like American is trying to save money on having to replace, or at least, repair wheelchairs that they have damaged. My question is, are they actually put in the cargo/luggage compartment or are they put in the passenger area and strapped in somehow?
James Steiner 1
As per the ACAA, all aircraft seating 100 passengers or more must provide space for at least 1 folding wheelchair of reasonable size. It is the passenger's responsibility to notify the airline ahead of time that they want the spot reserved for the folding wheelchair up to 72 hours before the departure of their flight. anything bigger goes in the cargo hold.


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