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Seaplane crash into Queens pier leaves 1 dead, others injured, authorities say

A seaplane crashed into a pier in Queens Sunday afternoon, killing one person and injuring two others, according to the New York City Fire Department. Fire officials said the plane crashed into a pier at Riverside Drive and 158th Street on the Long Island Sound around 3 p.m. Sunday. It wasn't immediately clear if the plane had been flying or taxiing on the water before the crash. ( 更多...

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silvano Cerboneschi 6
very sorry for injured and for the lost live
Ralph Wigzell 2
Latest news is that the pilot also passed away from his injuries. R.I.P.

Bashir Bashir 2
Gary Harper 1
sparkie624 7
Cessna on floats landing on the water
Jasper Buck 3
Yes. Seaplane.

Here's a picture of the Cessna 182P (FAA Reg. # N6506M) that crashed last Sunday;
Gary Harper 1
Thomas Caputo 0
Check out his last flight to Shirley. There has to be some impairment involved.
bentwing60 3
Your dripping wet presence here might indicate that your PPL might enjoy the same tenure. The Shirley flight might indicate a guy that knew how to work with ATC, and get where he was goin' in some of the worlds busiest Airspace. He obviously had a very successful restaurant, (and whatever on the side) that afforded a comfortable life style and he obviously loved his airplane and flyin'.

Any pilot that can routinely go pleasure flyin' in that airspace and pull it off for years might have taught you a thing or two over a drink at His bar!

May they Rest In Peace and their families not read All that passes for a pseudo informed comment on the internet.
Billy Gee -2
-- Reporter doesn't know NYC very well! -- 158th St & Riverside Dr is Manhattan -- Not Queens -- The body of water is the Hudson River -- Not Long Island Sound --

Kairho Carroll 3
There also is a 158th St & Riverside Dr in Queens, north side on the East River. There is a marina at that location. (No marina near the similarly named Manhattan location.)
sparkie624 2
You really expect Accurate reporting in the airline/aviation industry by news reporters.. I mean really!
Billy Gee 1
-- Queens, my home boro, does have a Riverside Rd! -- 1 block long -- So it was Long Island Sound --
Jerry Lane 3
So do you take back "Reporter doesn't know NYC very well! "?
bbabis 0
Sorry to hear that it was so serious. RIP and may the injured recover. It will be interesting to find out what happened. Not the normal type of accident. Seat not securely locked on rails??
carste10 -1
Some type of impairment?
Sharon Hutchinson 2
I was researching this on various news outlets but find no mention of an impairment. Does anyone have additional information on this? A medical emergency?

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Graeme Smith 17
Really? Verifiable examples please.

In the meantime go count the fender benders and fatal incidents with cars and trucks on the street.
Marcel Rivard 6
excellent answer
sparkie624 2
Can you imagine the high quantity of news that would be out there everyday if they covered each and every fender bender and treated like they do the Aviation Industry... The paper boy of days past could only carry 1 paper at a time on his bike! and with todays news delivery, it would take the bandwidth of the entire news paper to have anyone just to try and read it.. LOL.... Can you imagine a site called CarAware where everyone talks like we do here about each and every car accident, much less to mention all the incidents!


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