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Boeing To Temporarily Suspend All 787 Operations In South Carolina BSC

Boeing to temporarily suspend all 787 operations in South Carolina (BSC) until further notice. The suspension will start at the end of second shift on April 8th. It is expected to affect Airport Campus, Emergent Operations, Interiors Responsibility Center South Carolina and Propulsion South Carolina. ( More...

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Robert Cowling -2
Maybe they should take the time off to try hiring workers invested in making the best planes on the planet, and not just finding a 'job'. They need to instill in their workers a sense of pride in what they do. New management could go a long way if they follow through with a focus on their employees.
matt jensen 0
I'm surprised they were still working.....they are not essential
wingbolt 1
Copilots ride to the airport on the non-essential bus.
bentwing60 1
they were to the newly unemployed!


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