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Hong Kong International Airport lost nearly a million passengers in November

Nearly six months of continued unrest in Hong Kong, where violent anti-government protests continue to rage, is taking its toll on the city’s tourism industry. ( 更多...

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Ric Wernicke 11
Hong Kong is such a great city for visitors. It has everything a one needs. There are great hotels, ten thousand places to eat, world's best shopping, and even a Disneyland. The MTR is a better transport system than anywhere.

I hope all people involved will respect all aspects of the one country, two systems agreements and return quickly to the normally high degree of civility in Hong Kong.

Aviation in HK has always been a jewel of Asia, and it is very much endangered by continued disruptions in the city.
Bob Horgan 4
The writing was on The Wall on the official handover in 1991. Since then Beijing have slowly chipped away at the sides of The Two Nation Agreement which granted Hong Kong autonomy.Now the results speak for themselves.
Mark Weiser 4
It's really sad, The Reds made a deal, why can't the rest of the world hold them to it? I've spent some great military and business time there and the nearby mainland. Watching then wet all over it, like so many other places in the world makes me sick!
Frosty1025 2
You really did not trust the reds to keep their word, did you?
So, figuring 2 bags per passenger........
Bryan Nethery -2
Wow... where do you suppose they went? Maybe they need to put bells on them so they don't get lost.
Thomas Frisch -5
And the loutish Trump doesn't lift a finger against the mainland Chinese. All he cares about are his stupid tariffs.
Tommy Boy 0
He's so intellectually deficient he wouldn't know what to do. Even when he tries to help, he makes everything worse.
Bob Poberezny -7
fuh kyu knuckledragger
Tommy Boy 0
Merry Christmas to you, too, mouth breather.
Tell your Uncle Dad I said hi.
Calvin Chan 0
really sad to no words

the yellow black should reflect what have had they done in these months
Jim DeTour 0
Stock holders and workers don't appreciate the funding of rioters. From some of the shifty games to take over markets I've seen I wouldn't doubt the HK airline market is part of the goal.


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