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FAA Proposes $6.4M Fine Against Lufthansa

Nearly 900 flights were operated to SAN and PHL without authorization. ( 更多...

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Jim Lynch 2
FAA seems to have been really "off the ball" in the last few years. Yet they fly around the world approving (or not approving) entire foreign countries for the IASA/ICAO Category 1/2 Safety rating, which bars some registrations from flying directly to the USA (nobody else cares).

But how safe is the FAA? They take a good part of the blame for the fiasco at Boeing - I guess they looked at doctors and lawyers, and figured Being could police itself too...

There is mass hypocrisy in US politics, and clearly now there is mass hypocrisy in both US government and US companies (we already know about the unlimited greed).
sharon bias 3
Only took the FAA 1 year to notice the problem. I guess you just can't rush some things.
Kobe Hunte 2
Maybe letting the money to get to this amount?
And it took them how long to realize there was a problem? nearly 700 lives?

The definetely not-politicized FAA is too busy doing nothing than their jobs. Yeah, right.

There was a company in the state I live in that was accused of cheating on their sales taxes. It had been happening for years. Decades. Nearly 2 decades. So the state realized the 'problem', and tries to sue the company, literally, out of existence. The judge laughed their sorry asses out of court. 'If you had been doing your job, the 'problem' would have been identified nearly 20 years ago?' Yes, said their counsel. 'So, the amount of damages you are seeking are more than the amount of the 'loss'?' Yes, your honor. We want to show them as an example of what happens when you cheat the government. 'Well, it appears that it's YOU that have cheated the government! Had you been doing your jobs, you would have known that the 'problem' stared nearly to the time before you were even born! And you expect to 'make an example' of them? I think that the 'example' has already been set, and it's that you aren't paying any attention to the reports from merchants on their sales, and now that you 'discovered' this one company, you want to punish them, and their owners. Yeah, no. I'm going to dismiss this case with prejudice. That prejudice being that they were being singled out for punishment by a government agency that has no idea what message they are sending to the business community. DO YOUR JOB in a timely manner! You can't come in here and expect me to side with you against one company for your malfeasance. It's not their fault you didn't do your job, and find out that they under-reported their taxes. Their counsel has testified that many accountants believe what they were doing was proper. I would expect to see hundreds of actions, rather than only one. Bring me more cases next time. Case dismissed.' No further cases were pursued. I can imagine why...

The FAA should be spanked for this case. DUH!
Mark Weiser 1
Robert! Brilliant example! too bad more judges won't follow his example!
Kobe Hunte 0
oh oh.


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