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The Case Against Boeing

In the wake of the 737 max disasters, caused by a software feature, Boeing and regulators initially placed blame on the planes’ pilots. Then the Stumo family, who lost their daughter, got involved. “I will never let Boeing forget her,” a family member said. ( 更多...

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Interesting that aviation has changed so much in terms of automation that the actual flying skills and the understanding required of how systems work has taken a backseat so to speak, to the big picture? Many engine failures resulted in crew training to the point of where is was no big deal to lose one. Multiple hydraulic systems, split electrical systems all for redundancy, but airmanship, theory of flight somehow became secondary to the wow factor of autoland, auto thrust, computer flown SIDs & STARs and the famous FMS programming comment of all “what’s it doing“ & “look, it’s doing it again”? From AF447, where three pilots stared at the instruments and still couldn’t figure it out or the deafening roar of the air at over 410 kts just a few feet above mother earth with a control issue to the Dr. in a Cirrus who possibly lost control due to spatial disorientation but never deployed the chute that could have saved him? It’s unfortunate that the supply and demand for pilots has caused a lowering of (standards) experience to the point where the ad reads......250 hours and you can be an airline pilot?
Larry Toler 2
So the FAA lowered the hours for ATP pilots back to 250? They had raised it to something like 1500 hours after the Continental Express flight crashed near Buffalo, NY some years ago.
250 ! ! ! Why not 40 ? ! !
linbb -6
So lets see, hmm pilots not to blame in one? Seems if they had followed what there airspeed indicators were telling them they would have kept the speed down, retarded the throttles so they could have used MANUAL trim. Instead they went into the ground at FULL THROTTLE. Now who is to blame for the crash? Not Boeing but the pilots and there lack of skills one had LESS than 500 total hours.
You see it so simple don't you? There is so much more to it than what you choose to acknowledge but I have no interest in an argument. Boeing is already having to come face to face with their actions and will ultimately pay a far higher price that what it saved in the corners it cut to get the MAX into service.
It'll be a cold day in hell before a plane crashes for one reason and one reason only.

bentwing60 0
They do it all the time! It's called fuel exhaustion.
Every plane that takes off runs out of fuel before it can land?
bentwing60 0
You say and downvote it so simply don't you! The fact remains that throttles at 94% at impact meant that all of the other issues were impossible to address when the airspeed exceeded the design operational parameters for the manual trim. Not hard to figure out why Boeing is under the bus, they asked for it. But the gross operational error fails of both crews have been robustly downplayed because nobody wants to admit that technology will not solve the shortage of experienced and competent pilots! It has certainly highlighted ill prepared crews when it fails.
Yes, that the engines were in a high power setting is a fact, but is is not the only fact.


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