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A Southwest Boeing 737 Collided With A Jet Bridge In Boston

Stormy weather throughout the night in Massachusetts caused an incident with Boeing 737 at Boston Logan International Airport. The harsh conditions forced the Southwest Airlines aircraft into a jet bridge. Boston 25 news reports that the aircraft was sitting at a gate before being blown into the bridge by the storm. Thankfully, no passengers or workers were on the plane when the accident happened. Along with this, there were no members of airport staff on the bridge at the time. ( 更多...

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Richard Haas 4
Westjet 737-800 blown away from a bridge in Halifax:

All the action is in the first two minutes.
djames225 1
I remember that 1, Richard. Also remember chuckling when seeing that 1 guy trying to hold the craft from going sideways. Wish someone had taken video of 1 being pushed into a jet bridge, in Edmonton, years ago. Mother nature can be mean at times.
sparkie624 3
Appears to be a little breezy up there! By reading the Title, I figured that a crew taxied into a Jet Bridge... Title a little misleading.
Kobe Hunte 1
Yes sorry sparkie. I was going to add "from wind" but forgot.
djames225 1
I think it's was a 737 and it did hit a jet bridge. Heck I've seen a few WestJet 37's being blown around by the wind, along with a huge smattering of smaller jets
James Simms 3
The tornado that hit St. Louis Lambert airport on 22 April, 2011 involved several aircraft, some that were damaged or out on the taxiways. Lambert tower knew abt the approaching tornado 30-odd minutes before it hit the airport but failed to pass along any information or warnings.
Robert Cowling 3
Inbound to DTW, and the plane dropped quite a bit. Yeah, I know it's hard to judge how far, but this felt like a pretty big drop. Everyone, obviously, gasped, and the engines revved and I'm thinking 'Ride 'em cowboy!'.

We land, to hear that an active tornado was just south west of the airport, and we came in on the runway that would have paralleled that cell. Nice... This was in the early 90's/late 80's.

Yea hah!!!

We took off from RDU into a hole in the clouds, and didn't see sky or ground the whole rest of the flight. It was an interesting takeoff, climbing through the hole, and into the clouds.
James Simms 1
Was on a flight from BHM-ATL a couple of weeks after 9/11. Descending in ATL over the city, the flight dropped suddenly. Don’t know how far but felt like it could have been 2-300 feet. Everyone was still on edge & cried out fearing the worst I would have bet.
Richard Orgill 1
I was flying out of Reagan a few years back watching the weather move in...walked over to a TSA agent and told him...I'm from Oklahoma/Texas and that big cloud out there is a tornado....he kept asking how I knew but got on the radio...they announced a few minutes later for everyone to move into a tunnel area. I had to laugh.
bentwing60 -1
That's our pals! the government?
sharon bias 1
At least the TSA agent got on the radio and reported it. Even with all of the extensive equipment the meteorologists have, a look out the window can be very effective.
Kobe Hunte 3
Sorry might of not been the most rare thing or most interesting thing, but for wind to push a entire aircraft into a jet bridge is pretty impressive. (for the wind)
John D 1
I was thinking it was more likely that the wind pushed the bridge into the plane, but what do I know.
Richard Orgill 2
You know I thought this was silly at first. A few months back someone posted that it appeared Flight Aware was really pushing anti-Boeing articles....but after reviews, over the past two or 3 months I am beginning to side with that theory. I noticed that the entire fleet of A220 (Swiss Air) was grounded yesterday but no mention of it on Flight Aware this morning...yet articles concerning Boeing are once again in the news. Then I notice that Gulfstream cuts 446 positions on another article yet no mention of that on this site.

What gives Flight Aware?
Richard Sucher 0
If you want to post other news, create a squawk.

This article is about the most powerful storm ever recorded in the northeastern US for the month of October. The fact that it happened to be a Boeing aircraft obviously is of no significance to this story.

Post your gripe somewhere it is relevant and you won't look like a troll.
djames225 0
Obviously you only want to rant about Flightaware only posting anti-Boeing squawks, yet I see these titles in the squawks as well:

Pittsburgh International unveils microgrid project that will power entire airport
Turkmenistan Airlines is allowed to resume European operations
A Pumpkin will get dropped from a Helicopter at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos CA
Asiana Airlines Ordered To Suspend San Francisco Route For 45 Days
Asiana Airlines Airbus A380 Catches Fire At Seoul Airport
GECAS & IAI Unveil Boeing 777-300ER Freighter Variant
(Video) Piper Stuck at Full Throttle with Family Onboard
NTSB releases preliminary report on deadly B-17 crash

BTW..what the H has the fact a B737 blew into a jet bridge got to do with the ruling of being anti-Boeing? Not our fault if Southwest flys an all B737 fleet. It could very well have been a JetBlue A320 reported.
Are you going to tell me that Boston Logan Airport and mother nature teamed up to purposely push a B737 into a jet bridge, because you think both are anti-Boeing??
Richard Sucher 1
Storm also ripped the entire roof off the Delta hangar.
mary susan watkins 0
The title would leave you to believe aircraft had a crew onboard at they taxied into the jetbridge.a little any case,some airports leave the jetbridges attached even it its an "overnighter",and some taxi them away from the terminal to a closeby appears as though the jetbridge was not attached,and the winds pushed the aircraft..i have seen that when unexpected storms arise..if the airline has some notice,thy usually get their lpanes out of harms way (hurricanes or tornadoes expected)..glad no one was hurt...


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