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Qantas Tests 20-Hour Non-Stop Flights to See If Passengers Can Bear It

Qantas Airways Ltd. will run marathon ghost flights from New York and London to Sydney carrying just a few staff to see how the human body holds up before commercial services start. Qantas said Thursday it will simulate the world’s longest direct flights with Boeing Co. Dreamliners as soon as October. The payload of 40 passengers and crew, most of them employees, will undergo a host of medical checks and assessments. ( 更多...

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This doesn't fit well with the ever decreasing seat space.
Viv Pike 4
For those who do not have a subscription to Bloomberg, see here ... (I hate pay-walls)
Funny, I didn’t encounter a pay wall.
Viv Pike 1
Hi Colin - When I opened the link, it said my "free viewing" was over, and I'd need to subscribe to "read further". I could essentially read the first few lines, before the text "faded to nothing" and I got ads. Found the BBC article to be OK.
I didnt recieve a pay wall either.
Your first few (five I think) are free, after that they want you to subscribe. I just viewed my last free article.
accomodations must be tailored so those with the least luxurious seating can be "comfortable" enough so as not to stage a mutiny. bigger seats, more space- just like back in the 80's... regular food and guilded exercise periods might help too. The
quantas shuffle: stand up, line up, walk around the plane, sit down. shut up, do it again.....
If the target is longer flights, they should change the design of the airplanes. There must be somewhere to stand and spend time etc. I think that no one can't sit 20 hours long, without any activity.
Viv Pike 6
Maybe this is the reason why Airbus thought the A380 was the future. Hub-to-Hub, instead of 20 hour plus flights. I, for one, will not fly that long. All my flights are Business Class (or, as Americans call them, "First Class) - but, even in a full-flat bed, with pillows and duvets, and a noise-cancelling head-set, and plenty of room, I find 17 hours is pushing it. Just my opinion. Who cares about a 2 hour change-over at a hub, to break up an extremely long (20 hour) flight? I'd rather do 10+10 hours, and a 2 hour change, than 20 hours straight. Just my opinion.
20hrs non stop is hard work in cattle and above ok.someone will take it up.for me 7hrs is about my limit
airuphere 1
What do y’all think he means when he says in the interview “ Boeing has a compelling offer and it is a two hoarse race, the 777x-8 is going to be late so they have put a transition proposal on the table and it looks very attractive to us”. What is a transition Propsal?? New design, mod of another?!
airuphere 1
To avoid confusion.. the clip I quoted is from the Video Interview.. and the exact word on rewatching is “Transitional Proposa”? Wha do ya think ?
joel wiley 1
I can see the London-Sydney route, but New York-Sydney might run afoul of the 8th Amendment:“Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”
It's not a fair test, to conduct it with only 40 persons on board. Run the test with the aircraft loaded like it would be in revenue service, then see how the people handle that long in the air. Especially the folks in cattle class.
Well if they ran it fully loaded they wouldnt have the fuel capacity. They have to limit the weight on board to put as much fuel on board so the aircrafts have the endurance to fly the distance.
That is why I stated loaded as it would be for a revenue flight.
siriusloon 1
It is a fair test because what they're testing is the effect on the passengers, not if the jet can make it. If you read (and understood) the article, you'd know that.
Who wants to bet than in less than 15 years the same news will have "Airline company tests 24 hours non-stop flight from X to Z in Commercial Drone"
Ithink progress should be aimed at making the jets go quicker so spending less time in the air.


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