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IAG boss is determined to finalize his order commitment for 200 737 MAX jets

One of the biggest surprises of the Paris Air Show this year was the order commitment made by the International Airlines Group for 200 Boeing 737 MAX jets. ( 更多...

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siriusloon 15
"...the order was placed based on Boeing’s reputation." Which reputation? The one from the good ol' days or the current one?

"When the 737 MAX returns to service, it will be the safest aircraft ever that people will board again with confidence, the IAG boss thinks." How? It's still the same basic design with too-big engines in the wrong location that can only fly with tons of computer code. That's fine for a fighter that's supposed to be inherently unstable so it's rapidly maneuverable, but airliners are not supposed to be designed, manufactured, OR certified that way. And they're most certainly not supposed to be designed, built, and certified with software that fights the pilots literally to the death and won't let them fly the damned plane. All those people advocating for no pilots in the cockpit and letting computers fly airliners have been very, very quiet lately.

Big deal that this guy used to fly 737s. Which model? The -100? -300? The MAX is not those airplanes, no matter how much Boeing tried to disguise that with badly-designed and -written software that ended up killing 346 people and seriously hurting all their customers who had to park their MAX fleets.
airuphere 0
The line “can only fly with computer code”.. I mean any fbw aircraft needs code to function.. a320,330,340,350 etc.. so it does need to be part of the cert.. as for the airframe I dunno if the engine size and nacelles mean it wouldn’t fly without MCAS intervention.. it was designed for a “ slightly nose up during manual takeoff”..

* this post does not infer an opinion on the 737 max crashes, fault, or blame.
Chris B 7
Assuming they are still building them, where is the cash coming from? Not customers thats for sure.
matt jensen 3
a fool and his money are soon parted
a p 9
Apparently a 70 days delay is a big problem but buying 200 planes that can’t fly is completely fine...
Enjoy your bribery Willie.
And enjoy as well when you have to explain shareholders why your planes are flying with 60% seats empty.
Most irresponsible CEO ever.
i think he bought these in anticipation of his new start-up in japan: Kamakazi Airways. These will never need to be fully fuel up, so he saves money from the onset,
trentenjet 4
The Max production is over they wouldn’t dare stay in production on an aircraft nobody wants AIG is not buying any aircraft this is a made up scan
Even if it were to be built, very few crews would operate it and even fewer passengers would ride IN it.
The crews will have no problem flying in it, and the percentage of the public that could tell a MAX from an A320 is so miniscule that they would not be relevant, if they even cared. Being not a chicken little person, I would ride in one right now.
Pax may be unable to tell the difference between a MAX and an A320 however, they can still read.
Just watch - now there’s going to be an allegation of collusion between Boeing and IAG. These morons never disappoint!
Iftikhar Khan -1
I wonder what percentage of the deal he gets. I will venture he and his family will only fly on an Airbus.


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