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TSA outlines its plans for facial recognition on domestic flights

The Transportation Security Administration is determined to make facial recognition and other biometrics a regular part of the airport experience, and it now has a roadmap for that expansion. The effort will start by teaming with Customs and Border Protection on biometric security for international travel, followed by putting the technology into use for TSA Precheck travelers to speed up their boarding process. After that, it would both devise an "opt-in" biometric system for ordinary… ( 更多...

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If facial recognition goes into effect in all airports, the feds will ultimately collect millions of face prints. Like China, these could be used outside of airports to track the comings and goings of people most anywhere. (Many cities already have hundreds if not thousands of cameras.) I guess it's okay with you if you wouldn't mind the federal government keeping track of you wherever you are and where you go and what you do. Like China and California, it's more about control of people than it is about security.
Says the guy on a flight tracking website...
California? I don't see any difference between surveillance here and any other big US city. Specifics please!
PaulN2719 3
In my experience with biometrics, it's been a major fail. I once had a job which required a fingerprint reading every day just to get into the office...and most every day the readers wouldn't read my fingerprint. (I was told that it didn't work if your fingers were cold, which since this was Minnesota, was most of the time). I'm not terribly optimistic that this will be any better.
MultiComm 2
I had a hand print system for a tick clock over 15 years ago where I worked. I am not sure I was a “print” it was measuring versus size or distance between properly spaced fingers ... but it worked great.

I even wrote a paper on the future of aviation security which included biometrics and VLJs ... can’t believe we are 15 years later and still very little progress on this.
Personally I wouldn't have a problem with this.

The government already tracks who is flying and needs quick, reliable ways of identifying people. Anything that simplifies this and makes traveling more convenient is a good thing in my view.
slatonr 1
TSA needs a system to stop their thugs from ripping us off. Airport police love to get involved however if you are certain they stole from you. Your item mysteriously shows up.
marymcelyea 1
Shanghai does this and it is not a big deal...Makes sense to me.
"Long live Big Brother"!!!!!
Scanning bags & bodies is the bottleneck not human authentication whether by a person looking at your ID or biometrics (Clear uses now). TSA keeps layering on more (scanners, swabs, dogs, random pat downs) without increasing the throughput of people. At least dogs are relatively cheap.


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