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New U.S. FAA rules on airplane seat size may not create more leg room

CHICAGO/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A bill that will regulate minimum seat size on U.S. passenger airplanes for the first time is unlikely to lead to more leg or elbow room for cramped flyers, airline consultants said ( 更多...

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Chris B 6
Another "we're doing something about it" piece of legislative Fluff.
cboginsk 3
Our government, after all is said and done, more is said than done.
ADXbear 2
It does nothing for handicap people .. we need usable bigger bathrooms.. "March gor bigger Shi@@ers.." or roll for them..
within the system now in place of lowest fares and tightest seat congestion, i wonder how much fares would have to be reset to allow for the good old days seating with wider seats and more legroom.
wx1996 -2
If passengers were willing to pay for a more space, the airlines would provide it! Passengers will willingly take the $5 cheaper fare on a different airline, and then complain that they did not get a first class upgrade or good service. Just look at Spirit and Frontier, they are making good money by squeezing passengers into the smallest space possible. However, passengers complain the whole way; there should be a law to make the seats further apart. Yet they could have spent more money and got a more space on Southwest or Jet Blue. The industry is just giving passengers what they are willing to pay for.

Now if the FAA give them the more minimum space, the fares will go up. Then it will be a cry for a law to lower the fares.
Edgar Murphy -3
Stand up. Turn around. Measure your office chair. That's how wide an airline seat needs to be. Not difficult at all.
1BabyGirl -4
Seems like the days of common sense are gone. Simple solution-bring back the 747's on the longer flights with a decent seating configuration and it's problem solved. Flying is meant to be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible not torture. A fact the airlines seem to have forgotten in their endless drive for the almighty dollar.


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