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Delta Looks at Airbus A320 Jet for Boeing-Dominated Fleet

Delta Air Lines Inc. will weigh adding a more fuel-efficient version of Airbus SAS’s narrow-body A320 to a fleet historically dominated by Boeing Co. jets. ( 更多...

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AccessAir 0
OH good grief....What else is new....Scarebusses......blech!!!!!
Suppose, or hopefully they are using this to replace the aging DC-9 fleet.
TTail 0
why not stay with a boeing product? it seems to work with them now, why change it??
QuickBurn 0
Looks like Northwest execs still working for Delta.
marxnsparks 0
Looks like? Northwest execs ARE running Delta now.
ramana nv 0
Hey why dont you guys accept that operating A320 is economical to an airline company ?
Gene spanos 0
Hey - why not call it all - Air Rahm Emannuel air lines.....the chicago way of ASR!
if it aint boeing i aint going !!!!!!!
donald kiel 0
"Scarebus: Evidently you haven't flown one and if you have you're overwhelmed by the high learning curve. blech!!!!! I can't spell either!!
Yes those 9's are getting old--the DC3 of our era!!!
Richard Anderson IS an ex NWA exec!!!
Flew the AIRBUS equipment for 9 years--loved it!!
Lastly: Am I glad I won't be one of those "test pilots" once that 787 NIGHTMARELINER hits the market!!!
chalet 0
For the 100th time, Airbus products are very good and thanks to them Boeing in all its arrogance is not free to set the prices of their also excellent products. United Airlines has also been buying from both to keep the two of them honest price-wise and after sale service-wise too. This bias that only US products are good is absurd or haven't you see how good the Japs and the Germans cars are.
kadriver 0
Dispatch %s for Airbus are nowhere near that if Boeing.
kadriver 0
I'm sorry, of Boeing's
Airbuses have the highest number of incidents, plain and simple. Delta will lose the business of anyone that won't ride on an Airbus if they go to them. I know 1 major company that won't use Delta at all if they go to the Airbus. Right now Delta gets 4 grand per person and there are 57 people so that's $228,000 a month they will lose if they go to the Airbus. And that's just the 57 people I know of......
Both Boeing & Airbus are great companies. If Delta decides to go all Airbus, who cares. The everyday passenger only cares about low fares, a seat, and now wifi so they can facebook/tweet while they fly. It seems only the old-school fyers have a problem with the manufacturer of the aircraft.
I'm not sure if it's more efficient than Boeing, but I like Boeing jets better-as a passenger.
agg1930 0
Introducing an Airbus airplane in an all Boeing fleet will only complicate things for Delta, like pilot training,maintenance,spares, etc. With all those computers on board,maintenance and troubleshooting, must be very expensive.
I for one aviod flying Airbuses. They have had several "misterious" accidents that no one has been able to explain satisfactorily, i.e Air France A330, TAM A320, AirFrance A320 (during an air show), etc I sincerely hope that this only speculation!!!
donald kiel 0
Delta has a boatload of AIRBUS equipment-319's, 320's and 330's. The only "spares" required will be if they take 'em with a newer, more efficient engine!!
toolguy105 0
Hasn't Delta gotten the word yet. The American public want companies they spend their money on to buy American, to keep jobs in America. Everytime an Airline buys an Airbus or other foreign plane that is another American who loses a job. I stopped flying U S Air, who was at the time the dominate carrier at my closest airport, when they made the agreement with airbus to replace their Boeing fleet. If Delta buys Airbus I may have to start traveling buy train.

According to an article listed on this site Boeing is looking into a more fuel efficient engine and some retooling of the 737. Someone should pass that on to Delta.


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