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Air Force finds new KC-46 deficiencies

The U.S. Air Force has added two new technical issues to the KC-46 tanker’s list of problems, potentially throwing a wrench into the projected delivery of the first tanker in October. ( 更多...

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jbqwik 5
The feedback issue might be software fixable. The other concerns the handling of the boom, which, for a boom operator could make flying the boom difficult. It sounds to me like these deficiencies were noted by experienced operators, not factory techs.
I agree that it seems that once Boeing got the contract their focus and enthusiasm turned to other things, such as ramping-up production of their commercial lines.
djames225 3
Ok am I missing something here or is the stupidity level this high?..Boeing has already missed 2 delivery deadlines of the first 18 and are on track for a third, and you order another 10? What happens if more deficiencies show up? "The refueling system has been tested extensively — we have a well-tested system that works.” If it worked, the Air Force would not have found more Cat 1 screw ups.
Roy Talbot 5
When will this end? Have Boeing never made a refueling boom before?
djames225 1
What really amazes me is, Boeing have already built and delivered 8 KC-767 tankers..they are flying and refuelling both Italian and Japan forces, so WTH did they do to screw up a simple "take it from here and put it there" approach?? The booms on them are remote operated, the wing pods had issues and Boeing re-designed them and they work.
Me thinks Boeing has taken 2 simple tasks, "KISS" and "If it isn't broke, don't fix it" and broken them both.
jbqwik 4
What bothers me most is that Boeing agreed to a tough contract. Things were fine until the going got tough. When money started flowing from their own pocket to correct the many mistakes -instead of our government covering their f-ups- then it's like they forgot how to build airplanes.
Hate to be down on such a historically important American company but the last 10-15 years has seen major management missteps with labor, technology, production methods.

bbabis 2
I’m sure replacing a simple window with an elaborate camera and feedback system seemed like a good idea at the time.
djames225 2
Its been working on 8 units delivered..4 to Japan and 4 to I said above, Boeing is paying less attention to the saying if it isnt broke, dont fix it
joel wiley 1
I spent the day at the airshow at KMHR, wandering thru among others, the KC10 & KC135, and chatting with the boom operators. It seemed to me that you lose something with the removal of the Mark IV eyeball from the equation.

There was also an exhibit from Creech AFB. It occurred to me that with the KC46, somebody who has no idea of what the interior of an A/C sounds or smells like, is going to decide that, if we can do a predator there, why not a refueling boom? That their opinion will carry weight, disturbs me greatly. No, not disturbs, scares.
djames225 1
Joel..what scares you has scared many even more and somewhere along the line, the air force higher ups should be getting a boot in the ass..Boeing already has 8 of these modded 767 tankers out there..after major glitches which first cropped out were fixed, they seem to be working well for the other forces. Soo WTH is wrong with the 46's? Who or what entity messed up something that was working?
Roy Hunte 1
The main problem with Boeing is they have forgotten why they do what they do. From Simon Sinek's book 'Start with Why'; (my words)if you focus on your what without your why problems begin. Boeing needs to get back to why they exist then they will have less internal problems... otherwise a great aircraft manufacturer.


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