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Pitch or power? The answer is both!

As a new student pilot, I was almost always too high and too fast on final approach (maybe I didn’t want to land and end all the fun). The result was that my instructor often had to coach me through both slowing down and going down. One day, in an attempt to help, he said something that sounded so simple, and yet was immensely confusing: “pitch for airspeed; power for altitude.” ( 更多...

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any confused student pilot would quickly see the light if their instructor would take them up to say 5 0r 6 thousand feet, then set up a constant speed, constant descent rate, then make changes for illustration. Later on the pilot will be able to dial in a solid approach to landing using the same technique.
Exactly as described. Pitch up, you lose speed, and you increase power to maintain speed. Pitch down, you gain speed and you reduce power to slow down. It is as simple as that. The scenarios are perfectly explained by the author.
Guy Lessard 1
I was told : If you want to go up pull...and if you want to go pull further...! lol
Tony Perez 1
You just turn the ALT knob on the glare shield to the desired altitude...SIMPLE!
Bill Babis.........Thank you very much for your "Don't over think things"......Or in my opinion...Point that aircraft on the path that you want, do what it takes to keep it on that path until you run out of something that is not working, recover, and then re-compute that path, and start over with the same objective......Maybe, do not wait too long! Strap yourself in to the aircraft, become the aircraft, and fly......!

Yeah, I am no longer flying, so what do I know?......Forced to stop, too old.... NO one wants an old Pilot......Owed $20,000.00 by Court order from last place of employment (North American Jet Charter, Inc. / David Weyrich, Agent / 4990 Wing Way / Paso Robles, CA / 93446)

for what it is worth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hit send too quickly....recovered.....USAF T-37, T-38, F105, F4C, ATP B-737, B-757, B767, CE-500, DC-9, LR-60........F/O B-727...................
Again too quickly......recovered again.......22,000 hours accidents, or incidents
ooops..... Again, another recovery.....not enough tonic in my gin..... some 45 years of flying..... ATP / CFI-ASMEL, INSTRUMENT AIRPLANE, ROTORCRAFT-HELICOPTER.........2,000+ hours of Instruction G/A.......GOLD SEAL ? Certificate still current...... And yet, once again, for what it is worth, who cares? You will find out that your opinion will not get you a cup of coffee, and you will be asked to leave the area, just because you want to be around airplanes.................and you are too old!!!!!
I PREFER to be high, and use additional DRAG (slip) to adjust in my Skylane.
bbabis 1
Don't over think things. Do whatever you need to do but by all means never take the airplane someplace your brain hasn't already been to.


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