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An all-electric ‘flying car’ take its first test flight in Germany

Today, Munich-based Lilium Aviation announced an important milestone: the first test flight of its all-electric, two-seater, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) prototype. ( 更多...

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Jean P. 3
Germany has one the best car companies and their technology always fascinate me.
siriusloon 2
Here's why flying cars will never be a "thing": Stand on any street corner in any city and see what a high percentage of car drivers are idiots. Now try to imagine that in three dimensions.
More likely like the vision of Robinson helicopters for the average joe discovers cost and regulations means rich boy toy or has to be commercially viable.
Eric Powell 2
Gotta love German engineering.. always pushing forward with technology.
Maiden flight video:
Looks like a tiny scale model in the video. Note that there is never any person or object close to this machine while flying, so we can not judge the actual size.
Provided all shots are of the same aircraft then there are clear indications it is full-scale. At the one minute mark you can see two people working on the aircraft, and the final moments showing the landing allow size comparisons relative to the taxiway.
siriusloon 1
"Provided all shots are of the same aircraft" requires the same leap of faith that believing what looks like a "tiny scale model" is the real thing. If you're going to make your assumption based on faith, then just assume that what looks like a tiny scale model is the real, full-sized thing.

I'm NOT saying the video is fake, just that you can't replace one kind of suspended disbelief with another. Something more solid to prove (or disprove) the video is needed.
Yes, I saw that also, but once the thing actually lifts off the people stand far away, and the size of the taxiway could also be doctored. Mind you, it could also be for real, I just would prefer better indications for the size.
Lillium is working with and enjoying the backing of the European Space Agency, and I would imagine some of their staff would be on hand for this event. I can't imagine that Lillium would fake this event.
That's a very good argument Torsten, so it's probably legit.
linbb -3
Oh good they now have combined two things that never will do more than fleece the investors be it government or private.
Molt Taylor tried the flying car many many years ago it didn't work then and wont work now. That goes for a practical electric aircraft that will do much of anything.
indy2001 2
Drivers have proven that they can't consistently manage 2-dimensional movement, and now we're talking 3 dimensions? I'm all for technological innovation, but this is just plain stupid. Throw away all the money you like on development, but I'm hoping the Jetsons are still decades away.
I agree somewhat, but you will need both a pilots licence if I read it correctly. More to the point, what would the insurance premium be on a dual air/ land vehicle? I can just picture granny/gramps or anyone for that matter giving it a bump and while you can usually drive away with a dented bumper.......dented wing, not so much! Interesting concept from day one and its evolution.
oops, should read both a pilots and drivers licence.
I'm sure the science is sound, but the whole "Lawn Dart" scenario still keeps me from wanting to experience a ride in one of these contraptions.
ajagostini 1
I wonder how it would fly after being hit by a shopping cart at wal mart or rear ended at a stop light. I'm not sure the flying car concept really translates into the less than sterile off airport environment.
Awesome concept and excellent lateral thinking.


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