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An employee of American Airlines is being hailed a hero after he saved two people's lives in one day.

On Tuesday, an American Airlines employee got the airline’s Real American Hero Award for saving not just one, but two lives in separate incidents, on the same night at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. ( More...

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Yvon Dionne 13
The EMT said it best...bystander CPR saves lives!! Kudos to this young man for a job well done!!
Congratulations to Mr. Hatcu. Now a days many people just stand-by pull out their cell phones take pictures or video and post the incident. Hopefully more and more people take Mr. Hatcu's example and decide to take action what ever the need for help is.
Eric Schmaltz 9
Take note United. This employee saves lives not beats the shit out of them.
James Simms 0
I was so tempted to say a United employee would have just kicked the victims to the side but didn't
Dale Ballok 2
Good decision
James, same here in the Philippines.
sparkie624 3
Need more people like that... Great job!
WELL DONE.. Someone should show THIS Video to ALL "United Airlines" Employees and Staff.
Dale Ballok 2
Ok, ok already. Quit slamming ALL United employees!
I don't agree with how this situation evolved and was handled, but there are THOUSANDS of good United employees out there.
Dennis Gallet 2
Good positive news, no one said anything on the news about this. It's a shame more people do not want to get envolved.
ToddBaldwin3 3
Sparkie, are you commenting on the wrong story?
What treasure!!!! Thank you very much. God bless you always - all ways.
b oloughlin 1
Congratz to Mr. Hatchu. Job well done.
What is CPR?
Benjamin Taub 3
Really? Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. - it's that thing you see in the movies where someone pushes on a heart attack victim's chest to keep them alive.
Hugh Somsen 2
Call the local Red Coss, enroll in their next class.
Mark Weiser 1
In the Middle East contact Red Crescent - good people doing great work under difficult circumstances.

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sparkie624 6
Sorry guys... this was posted to the wrong thread... My apologies. Not sure how I screwed up this bad. Totally in appropriate
Sparkie624: Here's the answer from FlightAware.

Thank you for contacting FlightAware. At this time, only FlightAware staff members can remove a post. If you would like us to remove something you posted, please forward the link to what you want removed.

I'm sure most of us could use this from time to time.
Maybe engage BRAIN before FINGER? Just delete it!
sparkie624 2
I wish I could delete it.... If someone could tell me how I would gladly do so!
Sparkie: I am looking into that. Sometimes everybody posts something they regret. So I asked "Contact Us" If I get an answer, I'll let you know.
Benjamin Taub 3
Perhaps you should just go with it. I mean maybe the victim was smuggling drugs. The article doesn't say he wasn't, right? :)


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