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United passenger threatened with handcuffs to make room for 'higher-priority' traveler

Fearns needed to return early so he paid about $1,000 for a full-fare, first-class ticket to Los Angeles. He boarded the aircraft at Lihue Airport on the island of Kauai, took his seat and enjoyed a complimentary glass of orange juice while awaiting takeoff. Then, as Fearns tells it, a United employee rushed onto the aircraft and informed him that he had to get off the plane. “I asked why,” he told me. “They said the flight was overfull.” ( 更多...

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Interesting analogy of travel. However, since the aircraft was down gauged and short business class seats, how is it that this passenger is confirmed in business and given a boarding pass is now given the boot over someone else in business class who probably checked in later. Easy fix, when the aircraft is swapped out for smaller equipment, first check in at the gate wins the argument!
jmilleratp 2
Who flies United on purpose?
Only because I have to, based on GSA City Pairs.
Cecil Clark 1
What say does the Captain have in all this as the PIC under 91.3? Just sit in the cockpit and act oblivious, or make a PIC decision that a passenger already seated in their aircraft has priority over the supposedly "higher priority" pax who arrived later and wasn't even onboard? Or do the gate agents make all the decisions up until the cabin door is closed? Either way, seems like United is having a bad week in customer service. On the flip side, late night TV show comics are having a heyday with damning material on United. The Jimmy Kimmel skit was hilarious!
Ben Bosley 1
Also airline flights operate under 121
Ben Bosley 1
When the door is open and parked at the gate, it's the station managers airplane. It only becomes the Captain's airplane when the door closes.
Pileits 1
Simple solution was to charter a NetJet and fly the crew on that airplane.

Seems to me offering thousands if not 10s of thousands would have been wayyyyyy cheaper and surely for several thousand dollars someone would have volunteered.

Retired Airline Captain
Jeff Lawson 2
This incident had nothing to do with deadheading crew bumping a passenger on a Louisville flight. This is about a different incident from Hawaii.
sparkie624 -5
BS article.... They were must rides that were to fly another plane the next morning. that is they way it is...
Kris Durbin 3
Can you share where you came to that information?
Jeff Lawson 3
This is a different instance from the doctor going to Louisville. Please read the article before replying
sparkie624 0
The link that I posted above. The idiot screaming being dragged off the plane was because they 4 must ride passengers were crew members for a next morning flight.
sparkie624 -1
It was in the news. I will try to find the article. It was a flight crew to take a morning flight the next day

Jonathan Guerin, a spokesman for the airline, clarified earlier reports that claimed the plane was overbooked, telling USA TODAY that each of the 70 seats on Flight 3411 were filled by passengers. He made a point to clarify that the four passengers, including Dr. David Dao of Kentucky, had to be removed to make room for four of its employees needed in Louisville, Kentucky, for a "downline connection" the next day.
Jeff Lawson 2
That is not related to this Hawaii-Los Angeles passenger
sparkie624 0
Either way it goes, the Pax was asked to deplane by representative of United for what ever reason it does not matter. He Refused. Cops were notifed and he was removed... End of story. Read the agreement when you purchase a ticket. You agree to follow the instructions of any flight crew member of the Flight or the gate agent responsible for it. No Exceptions.


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