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Emirates to launch world’s shortest A380 service

Emirates has announced what it says will be the world’s shortest scheduled A380 flight between Dubai and Doha, a distance of just 379km. The Gulf carrier will roster the superjumbo onto one of its nine daily frequencies on the route from December 1. ( 更多...

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there has to be a case for very fast train or some other technology
paul gilpin 2
you beat me to it.
it would probably be some other technology then. at over 200 miles distance, the conventional tracks of a railroad would be unmanageable. the desert heating through the day and cooling considerably at night, conventional tracks would have to be laid in a long and winding road layout. if you know what i mean and i think you do. the only service available in present conditions would be snail rail. pun intended.
Cansojr 1
I wonder what the carbon footprint is on one of those behemoths?
joel wiley 1
Hydrofoil perhaps?
Yeah, you'd think. There is a land route between Qatar and UAE (through Saudi Arabia).
379km by air, about one hour with: ramp, taxi to position, T/O, flight, land, taxi to gate.
Land route is 720 km
Roy Thomas 1
This doesn't make sense to me in light of the relationship between cycles, retirement, and air-frame cost. Seems to me that the best use of a $400M airplane is long haul.
Cansojr 1
If he is an idiot, of course let him set his money on fire.
joel wiley 1
Maybe it doesn't pencil out. Accounting departments in many corporations have difficulty with the dollar value of 'bragging rights'. That may be the case here, or maybe they have the passenger traffic (500+ daily)to justify it.
billy pell 1
I'm curious to what all they haul on those flights?
matt jensen 2
Cargo or troops?
May be time change
"The aircraft will be equipped with 74 full-flat business class seats..." Of course, because who can possibly endure a I hr 15 min flight without a nap!
joel wiley 1
Hopefully among others, PF and PNF.
In the 1980s, Japan Air Lines used to operate a high-density, (509 passengers), Boeing 747SR from Tokyo to Osaka (404 km) and return. Not sure of the economies of operation nor the flight's popularity.
Flying to the sky...
I would to a certain extent say this does not make sense BUT, it could be very strategic for Emirates. If there is one thing
would to a certain extent say this does not make sense BUT, it could be very strategic for Emirates. If there is one thing I have realized with Emirates, it is its aggressive strategy of showing its presence. Currently Emirates has increased its flight from South Africa and its brand presence is felt BIG TIME!
joel wiley 0
How long to unload and reload around 500+/- passengers?
"The flight departs Dubai at 0745, arriving into Doha at 0805, with the return leg leaving Doha at 0950 and landing back into Dubai at 1200".

20 min flight one way, 2:10 back. ????
The two cities are not in the same time zone. Leaving Dubai you gain one hour, on the return flight you lose one.
joel wiley 4
Thanks, mark that one up to my provincial outlook. I'm a bit fuzzy on time zone borders in that area.
Walter Javor -3
It is still only a 20 minute flight.
billy pell 1
Sooo... in reality it's not a bad deal, seeing how we have the same here in the US, say, from ATL to CHA
Jerry Rader 2
In reality, I think, taking consideration the time zone change, the flight is 1 hour 20 mins. one way and 1 hour 10 minutes for the return flight. The departure and arrival times are from gate to gate, so it would not be possible to travel 235 miles take-off to landing instantaneously with a 10 minute taxi at each end.

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Ian Deans 9
Get back on topic....this is an unnecessary comment mate
josh homer 3
You'd be hard pressed to find any country that wasn't built on the backs of slave labor.
joel wiley 0
You mean places like the White House?
josh homer 4
Exactly Joel! But according to Bill O'Reilly they loved being slaves and were treated like royalty lol.
joel wiley 3
Sure, they were treated almost as well as the Aristocracy in the French Revolution.
But this is getting off topic of Emirates.


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