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Qantas Considering Ultra-Long Range Airbus A350-900ULR

Qantas is weighing up the ultra-long range Airbus A350 for its post-2020 fleet as the airline begins to redraw its network map around non-stop flights of 16+ hours. ( 更多...

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I am not sure why Joyce thinks super long flights are desirable. While I found the LAX-SIN flights in all business class wonderful, a LHR to SYD was a slog on direct flights where few flew all segments at the same time. A little stay on the way for very long distances is better for arriving fresh and ready to work or play.
Gary Hjelm 1
Long flight's don't work for me. If the flight is more than 12 hours and I am not in first class, then I want out after 12 hours. Even , the 12 hours would be risky for me, as I have leg problems. So, Quants and Airbus can forget about me flying with them. The reality is, that I will be watching travel video's of Australia, and other parts of the South Pacific. When supersonic commercial aircraft return to the skies, then I may be enticed to fly to this zone of the world. Until then...
I flew Singapore airline from EWR To SIN. If I ever do that again (doubtful) I will need serious drugs when I'm aboard.


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