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First Airbus aircraft produced in the U.S. takes flight

Airbus has completed the first test flight of its first aircraft built in the US, an A321 to be delivered to JetBlue Airways this spring. The aircraft, produced at Airbus’s Mobile, Alabama A320 family final assembly plant, took off from Mobile Downtown Airport (BFM) at 9:36 am local time on March 21 and headed south, where it circled over the Gulf of Mexico performing a number of system tests and checks. It returned to BFM after a 3 hr. and 26 min. flight ( 更多...

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Alan Yates 1
And a raspberry to Senator Patty Murray of Washington State who stated emphatically that Alabama should get no aviation related business at Boeing's expense since people in Alabama "don't make anything!" Mobile builds Airbus A/C and Huntsville...well, ever hear of The Space and Rocket Center, Senator?
James Simms 0
Roll Tide !!!!
brian Gaskill -7
I'm sure it fills a need for some airlines like American for routes like LAX-CLT and the interior is beautiful...I sat in 1st from LAS to LAX a few months ago in a 32b (not neo, obviously), but it did have the new interior, seats, entertainment....very comfortable and the winglets throw you off for a second. But if you put a smaller engine on it, of course you'll save money on the about when it's stuck at FL280 in the soup, dodging weather and the 57's are flying at FL410 over the whole thing...did it save money then..? Or in (insert incident), with a FO with 450 hours and he panics and pulls back while the Capt. Is pushing down and you lose everyone and the AC...was it worth it then..?
brian Gaskill -4
A 57 it isn't...looks like it barely rotated.
Alan Yates 1
"barely rotated?" Did it or didn't it?


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