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Miami, Chicago Attorneys Suing Boeing in Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Crash

Two years after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared, the airplane still hasn't been found, but attorneys for the passengers' families are ready to lay the blame at the door of Boeing Co. Miami law firm Podhurst Orseck and the Hays Firm in Chicago filed 30 lawsuits in Illinois state court March 2 against the Chicago-based aircraft maker, claiming the investigation into the crash has ruled out every explanation except a defect in the Boeing 777. ( 更多...

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Tony Smith 11
Lawyers are barnacles on the ship of society. Shakespeare was right about them.
AWAAlum 0
(Until you need one.)
lvenable 2
And then they are barnacles on your ship!
lynx318 1
Let's face it, barnacles would do a better job.
Torsten Hoff 17
>> claiming the investigation into the crash has ruled out every explanation except a defect in the Boeing 777.

The official investigations haven't ruled out ANYTHING yet and won't do so until they have actual evidence. Of course that won't stop some lawyers looking for a big payday...
AWAAlum 1
I'm curious - if that's so, wouldn't those cases be thrown out as frivolous?
joel wiley 1
A couple of things: 1 Statute of Limitations coming up, so these suits are basically placeholders, 2 Some suits are filed with the assumption that the respondent will settle just to make it go away. Some might call that extortion. 3 As John (canuck44) has said, USA does not have loser-pays rules which might curtail some of the more frivolous extortions.
AWAAlum 1
Frequently, judges rule the loser of a court case is saddled with paying the court costs.
Ronnie B. 6
I am so surprised a slimy lawyer in Illinois took a case before the facts can be gathered.
ffrcobra1 11
I think the world could save a lot of time, money and effort by having lawyers investigate every aircraft accident or incident. Then, perhaps, all these scientific-type investigators would finally see that investigations arê really quick and easy. The company/person with the most money is the cause. All investigations will be closed in a week or less.
linbb 11
Yup when one crashes just have the maker of the AC pay everyone. This is as stupid as the one against Vans RV aircraft after the builder who also was the pilot killed himself and his grandson after he uses silicone to seal fittings on his fuel system causing engine stoppage.

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joel wiley 5
Have you been following that particular case? If so, the world will await your opining with the expected anticipation.
Ambulance chasers
These bloodsuckers are one of the main reasons we can not afford to fly anymore!
I remember when going to school on The Lycoming T53-11 engine ,the cost of the engine to the costumer was about 75% over the actual cost due to the (sue factor).Even if the accident is totally the pilots or weather's fraught the lawyers go after the manufacturers of the different components of the aircraft.
Don Whyte 1
"fault" not "fraught"
joel wiley 0
I believe it is called 'product liability'. There may be a class in 'mining product liability for deep pockets'.
canuck44 9
Boeing has the resources to go after the lawyers and should do so for this is obviously fraud and conspiracy.
crk112 3
Why are we posting links to news sites that require you to register and log in to read the articles?
Yeah, why?
lynx318 1
Me thinks article poster is getting kick backs maybe?
That is a lot of "ruling out".
joel wiley 6
I think this was covered in the law school seminar "Swallowing camel and straining at gnats"
Larry Gunn 3
Lawyers are bottom feeding scumbag who will lie for a buck any day of the week
Suing Boeing? why? Looks like cheap attempt to promote their firms and make some easy money in the process. Nothing more. I hope common sense prevails (not an easy task with our species) and suit ends up in the trash bin where it belongs.
crk112 2
Considering nobody knows it CRASHED...

if it did crash, nobody knows WHY..

so how can we possibly blame Boeing?

If the judge that sees this case has any common sense he or she will dismiss this case FAST.
TWA55 2
It's like being declared dead w/ no proof of death, somebody's got to get the money, only question, from whom, I know, Boeing there the only ones w/ money here, lawyers can really get under my skin, blood suckers.

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Bout as believable as anything else.
The Triple 7 is the Jeep of the skies. You can about do anything with it and it still flies safely.
Compensation yes, only from the airline involved and not every Tom Dick and Harry that a lawyer can dream up!
John Ferris 1
The reason General aviation mfg virtually folded years ago,the contingent liability cost built into Geral aviation aircraft pricing
sparkie624 1
Geez... this is totally messed up... Why would someone sue Boeing due to a Flight crew committing Suicide. Dugh... that is like suing Colt for someone committing suicide with one of there guns...
shh, you're giving them ideas.
sparkie624 1
Ugh... I should have thought first... Sorry Colt
joel wiley 2
Too late! I hear the thunder of ambulance-chasing shoes already.
Lol you are too late I heard those on day one it just took them time to get on the game
joel wiley 1
The late Melvin Belli, of San Francisco legal fame, responded to the description of his attorneys as ' a bunch of ambulance chasers'. His retort was to the effect that if they could not beat the ambulance, he'd fire them.
AWAAlum 2
As an aside ... My roommate, back in the day, worked for Belli. He was known for saying "I'm not an ambulance chaser. I'm usually there before the ambulance."
Also, I had a chance shortly after the incident to fly a full motion 777 with a senior training captain and we discussed the possibilities of what could have gone wrong and went over every scenario we could think of and I can tell you there is NO WAY it was a malfunction of any kind. Someone wanted this plane to vanish. This was a deliberate, very thought out, carefully planned operation. No doubt in my mind.
How can you SUE, when no one even knows that HAPPENED???
joel wiley 1
$200 for a filing fee and a typewriter to fill out the forms. That's all it takes. :-(
Alan Yates 1
Vultures. The ought to have to ride on the wings when they fly.
Erik Davis 1
I think the case will be tossed out of court. The 777 is an amazingly safe aircraft. The ship in question had been in service years, ultimately, the suit should be filed against the airline for Maintainence Malpractice, if it is found that it the disappearance of MH-270 was due to a preventable defect.
joel wiley 1
Of course it probably will go that way. Paying off a nuisance suit is part of the cost of doing business. And the lawyers get 1/3 unless the settlement includes their 'costs'.
A smart judge will toss the suit out.
lynx318 1
If lawyers want start blaming whoever, I hope the courts demand that they search and find actual evidence themselves before a court case will be allowed. Let's see the lawyers foot the bill for that one, I doubt it!!
lynx318 1
With no evidence all they can do is ASS-U-ME (make an ASS out of U and ME)
This is poignant evidence that the bar on the Bar examination is not set high enough. Clearly, unqualified people are able to obtain a legal license and then are released into society to bring ridiculous lawsuits. If this case makes it to trial I hope I’m lucky enough to be selected as a juror.
Class action Lawyers are actually boils on the bottoms of decent people. The nice thing about class action lawsuits is that the plaintiffs often end up hiring another lawyer to sue the class action lawyers for cheating them out of a larger settlement. It would be funny if it weren't so sick.
Easy with the lawyer-bashing. To the extent that families are entitled to seek lawful compensation, they must bring suit within two (2) years of the loss. And sometimes filing a lawsuit is the only way to get information that is otherwise not publicly available. Moreover, there does exist some anecdotal evidence in the public domain that the 777 may have had some serious issues with its lithium battery packs vis-a-vis fires which might ... and I do emphasize might .... serve to explain the loss of MH370.

Yes, attorneys are easy targets. The truth is these situations, well, not so much.
canuck44 6
I would have no problem with this if we had "Loser Pay" with the caveat that if the losing client cannot pay his lawyer must. This is really no different than the poor guy walking down the street when some POS comes up and sucker punches him. The guy that did it gives up a few weeks to a judge and the guy punched may be out of work for months with his medical bills piling up.

This case is almost frivolous given the current evidence which appears that the pilot was responsible. Somehow Boeing is now responsible for the mental health of those flying it. Again Boeing needs to go after the lawyers who have filed this without reasonable cause or good faith. They will find some "Rent-a-Witness" and hope to get a low information jury but when they lose they need to pay Boeing's costs.
The 777 doesn't use Lithium batteries it uses Ni-Cad batteries. The Lithium batteries came into play as CARGO not being used. They are dangerous to a aircraft in flight if damaged or not properly handled. With that said I'm not saying they played a role in this crash or not and only time will tell.
Ed Merriam 3
especially *Miami* lawyers
joel wiley 5
Also anecdotal snippets regarding the airline company. Boeing as a respondent is closer, had deeper pockets, and American courts easier for plaintiffs attorneys to manipulate.
I am unaware of any options to use Lithium Ions on the 777, the 787 does but all reference I have states the 777 used Ni-Cad.
Ronnie B. 1
But where is the justice if a lawsuit is won by any party based on absolutely zero evidence and only speculation.

Another Lionel Hutz chasing a proverbial ambulance does not create justice. It only stretches it so someone can line their pockets.

And the price is only passed on to the consumer in the long run.


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