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FAA cuts DTC DUATS out of the Flight Planning Biz and adds Lockheed Martin

The FAA DUATS program was first implemented in 1989, and since that time services have been provided by CSC and DTC DUAT. Lockheed Martin began offering Internet-based service in 2012. The new contracts mark the first time DTC will not have a role to play in providing DUATS. It is not yet clear what steps DTC users may have to take in order to make the switch to one of the remaining providers, but there will be a 60-day transition period. ( 更多...

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Duats has served us well all these years,I guess the FAA couldn't allow that to go on........
tedtimmons 2
DUATS is not going away.
There are two of them:
CSC - and
DTC - (no S at the end)
The FAA is apparently dropping DTC.
Joe Daniel 1
You are correct Sir. DTC is going away. Although they may do what Lockheed Martin has been doing for awhile and go strictly internet based service. I have already switched back over to CSC and started a LM account as well. I really dont like LM's auto route planning tools. Hope they change it up.
preacher1 0
Why don't the government just buy Lockheed martin. It seems they are getting their fingers into everything.
Damon Harvey -1
Exactly...fingers into everything, like VORs and GPS and weather satellites and other big gubbement stuff....
Hands off my free flight planning and free world class weather....
We all know the "free" market put all that in place for us.

Thanks Obama!



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