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Bye-bye Blue – Virgin Australia finishes fleet repainting program

The last of the 23 repainted aircraft to leave Flying Colours was Boeing 737-800 VH-VUL, which emerged from the hangar named Ocean Grove Beach on Monday evening sporting the Virgin Australia name in silver-grey print on the side of an all-white fuselage. ( 更多...

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cuttlefish 1
Wow! Now that was impressive!

Wonder what a paint job like that costs, including delivery/return flight costs?

$150,000 at a guess?

Anybody know?
Geoff Bryce 1
Yes, repaint costs about AUD$145,000 + the cost of out of service for 11 days. I think each aircraft was on a scheduled flight to/from Townsville, so ferrying cost not an issue.If some of the aircraft needed repainting, then part of normal maintenance. The original red colour always seems to need polishing..maybe just sun damage.
Reminds me of Government departments who change their name ( but nothing else). The costs are massive.
Did Virgin really need to go this far with their rebranding and full painting of planes? Perhaps they could have made a compromise.
Seems a waste of money to me. Other factors are more important in selling seats.
To me the most important thing is to give people a few inches more leg room so as to make Economy travel bearable... but do so without gouging travellers with massive increases in fares (eg premium economy or business class). The general approach now is "pay for an upgrade or suffer in economy". One armed midgets are the only people who travel on airlines with any real degree of comfort.


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