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15 hours on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, in coach

Want to sit for 15 hours? Boeing's new 787-9 claims better passenger comfort over extremely long-haul routes. Here's what it's like on one of the longest you can take. ( 更多...

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you sit down for a bit, take a nap, eat some crappy food, watch some movies, and you're on the other side of the planet. Small price to pay for how incredible that is.

Excellent point. And one that is sadly lost on most people who fly nowadays.

inlina 1
Unfortunately some of us get used to the mod-cons of business and up. The company I previously worked for had a policy of flying business for any international trip over 6 hours (pretty standard for many big companies AFAIK). Being in Austalia that makes almost everywhere beyond our borders business class. Given that I have only ever flown international for work I have always flown business class (plenty of econ locally, but 2hrs max usually). In a few weeks I fly on a QF A380 MEL-LAX in econ for a family holiday and I have no idea what to expect....I know you all are shedding a tear for me right now. This type of article helps a little.
chalet 1
Scott that was alright until say ten years ago or so when seat pitch Economy was 34+ inches, nowadays it should be less tan 28". I am not too tall 6-0" yet I have literally to crawl in and out towards the window seats that I favour. Once seated my knees are only a few inches of the chin and if I need to go to the toilet, man I am inevitably bound to rubber my knees on the faces of the poor souls next to you. I call this Chinese torture for pay.
I'm not going to make it. I desperately need to pee. Somehow the guy next to me has been asleep since wheels-up, which is as impressive as it is annoying.
Seventeen inch wide seats. A new low...
I haven't flown in a 787 but I have flown in a 380 in both economy and business class. On 14 hour flights in business class I get 6 or 7 hours sleep and arrive refreshed. In economy I arrive wrecked. Hang the expense, business is the only way to fly long haul.
Ev Butler 1
Nice piece. I'd love to take that flight.

The writer has a better bladder than me. I need to go every couple of hours, even when flying. Could stretch it to 3 hours but I am hurting by then.
CyranoSmith 2
It's even worse when the Doc hits you with a script for Lasix.
chalet 1
Atta Boy, thAt makes two of us (who openly admit it)
If you are a coffee drinker try less or zero when flying, supposedly a diuretic and works for me and I sleep better.
My flight on a 787-8 was an hour shorter (SFO-CTU), but a duplicate observation. The first time after a 14 hour flight (no option for anything better than Economy Plus)that my first impulse was NOT to get to the hotel and sleep. Relatively fresh and ready to experience a few hours in a foreign culture before hitting the sack. That aside, yes, the Campbell post says it all.
I just flew 7200 miles on the 788 from Addis Ababa to Washington DC earlier this week. My 4th ride on the Dreamliner and by far my longest. I haven't noticed the cabin pressure or any of the features Boeing advertises while on board, but after getting off the 16 hour flight I felt great, so it must work.
Somewhat similar, with a VERY SIMILAR PHOTO, to this article...

A Ride on the 787:
I am 6'4” tall but not a freak. I need to remove the flight mags from the seat pocket to be able to sit and then ask the person in front not to recline. Pure torture on my flights to Australia. The premium for an upgrade is beyond my budget. Why do they give exit rows to midgets?
andromeda07 1
Incredibly annoying that the flight attendants control the window "shades" now.


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