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Mooney Back In The Airplane Business

Mooney is officially back in the aircraft production business thanks to a cash infusion from its new Chinese owners. Mooney International, as it is now called, hopes to begin delivery of new Acclaims and Ovations by the third quarter of 2014. ( 更多...

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I always liked flying Mooney aircraft. Glad to see someone bringing the brand back to the skies. There is a lot new that could be done to make the 2014 planes more advanced than when the line slowed to suspended animation in 2008. I hope the owners realize that engineering is needed to make them viable in the future. I always thought Mooney would get the first General Aviation auto-land system.

I worry that even the Chinese think China is this broad market chafing at the bit to buy things. They are not. It is still a developing nation and their ability to consume is limited. It is easier to get a private audience with The Pope than flying a small aircraft in China. Small boys don't dream of being pilots, they dream of taking a flight. Small girls dream of being an "Air Miss" to find a suitable husband.

There are Biz Jets all over China now because the big money boys need them, but piston propeller airplanes outside the very rare crop duster are almost unknown.

Good luck selling planes in Europe. Owned by China, Made in America would be dead on arrival in the EU. Plenty of local jobs to protect.

Sales in America have become more difficult because the trial lawyers have been allowed to use liability laws to drive the insurance cost so high it has multiplied the price of an airframe beyond the pocket book of 98% of recreational or small business fliers.

It will be nice to see a rental at the FBO with that new Mooney smell.
Loved our Ovation.
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Back in October I posted a comment about my concern about the Chinese and I was told that the buyer was from Taiwan and is an American. Now this new article mentions what I had said all along about Chinese influence in Mooney Corporation. Here is my original comment: Mooney Announces Its Comeback

Is this good news, great news or is it we will wait and see what happens news for Mooney as a California based Company possibly gives much needed $$$$ to a once Great Aircraft Corporation. The Company is question, Soaring America Corporation has listed Cheng-Yuan Chen as its President and is its only employee and he is also listed as the only employee. I am excited for Mooney and hope all the best to present and new employees but this move has all the appearances of the Chinese taking over an American Company. I give big time kudos to Mooney for sticking it out this long waiting for some much needed cash, unfortunately no AMERICAN Company came to their rescue. Meanwhile we will wait for a new Mooney to grace the skies once again which will be beautiful. Here is another article:
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With all this Chinese ownership of airplane companies, engine companies, etc you have to wonder. But look what happened to the Japanese ownership of the 80's. I think China will bust. Can't really repossess assets here. Just take pennies on the dollar. At this point it's hard to tell who is taking the big screwing. If it isn't us it isn't because we aren't bending over.
Sorry Bill but if the money (China) tells you to move you will....


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