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American will favor passengers without roller bags

The airline said Thursday that people carrying just a personal item that fits under the seat — no rolling suitcases — will be allowed to board before most other passengers. ( 更多...

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Nice. US Airways and Alaska already are doing this, and have had this policy for quire awhile. Welcome American to the industry standard!
Because US Air and Alaska had this policy; that makes it an 'industry standard'?
Mike Davis 9
Southwest is still the leader in boarding. No bag fees encourage more checked baggage, quicker loading and more overhead storage space. They also have an inch or two more knee room for taller passengers. Let's hope the others learn from them.
Not to mention that without those fees, they manage to consistently turn out a profit.
The "leader"? Every time I board a Southwest flight it's total chaos. Also, they don't offer any more legroom than most US carriers.
Mike Davis 2
That's what I thought, too. But if you put a timer on it, Southwest, with their "turn 'em loose" boarding gets the plane boarded faster than any other airline. And I beg to differ on the legroom. I am 6'4" and have long upper legs. In a United 757, if I sit with my butt against the seatback, my knees will touch the back bracing on the seat in front of me. Not so on Southwest's 737's. It comes in quite handy because with my knees jammed against the seatback, the passenger in front cannot recline the seat. I get bruised kneecaps but it works. It's only an inch or so, but it's there.
Ted Wareham 1
is it hard to get a window seat on a Southwest flight? Just got tix on Southwest and worried I might not get a window seat..
Set an alarm and check in online as early as possible. That way you get a lower boarding sequence number and a higher chance of grabbing the kind of seat you want.
Pay the extra 10 bucks and get auto check in early.
Stop charging me bag fees, and I'll start checking more luggage!!
Bernie20910 2
Just because a bag fits under the seat does not guarantee it will be put there. All this does is make sure the overhead bins are already stuffed with smaller bags before the rolling bags even get aboard.
If you don't need bin space why in the hell would you want to board earlier? So you can sit on the plane sitting on the ground longer?
1) Not a big fan of AA 2) Is it just me or does no one else care whether they board last or not? I like to board last: You sit down and then take off. It's great.
ascrib 1
I knew there was a reason in over 200 flights, I've never flown AA...
Same problem. Same answers.
Gudseeds 1
Don't break my heart ! Recent flight I had.. people had 'large duffle bags'..and a 'Roller' for their 'Carry On'..and every bin filled up when only 1/2 the plane had boarded ! Then they started getting upset when they had to start checking their extra's !If you 'gotta Roll it shouldn't be considered 'carry on' !

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kevin swiss 1
Group 2 is after all the members with elite status.. so for many here its not much of a change;)


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