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Flying the Government Skies

Good information on the current political fraud with the FAA "cuts" and the budget struggles. Two thirds of the budget for the FAA comes directly from the 20% tax on airline tickets. ( 更多...

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preacher1 1
Well now Eric, I happen to like my guns and freedom having fought for them and me and all my kids do like the Bible and believe in what it says. That said, I kinda agree with the article in that why not furlough NON ESSENTIAL personnel and cut that $500 mil or so in their budget marked for consultants. You can't tell me that it ain't unlike a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum, trying to get as much attention as they can. There will be bumps in the road such as this but the goverenment is going to have to realize that the teat has just about ran dry and that is what the 'publican Congress is trying to tell them.
canuck44 0
Actually the worst part is that the public are paying a 20% premium on their airline ticket to fund the FAA services. $6.4 Billion (of $9 Billion for operations) is paid by travelers to operate the system and the Administration is not delivering the promised service...deliberately. This is either mismanagement or malfeasance...I am inclined to think the latter.
joel wiley 1
I thought that
We wrote about this human- rights violation on Tuesday in "Flight Delays as Political Strategy,"
was laying on a little thick. I wondered to which human right they were referring.
So I pulled up the column referenced. Nope, nothing in it about human rights.
I assume the rest of the article is spot-on.... :)
"We wrote about this human- rights violation..." X-D Ahahahaha! "Human rights violation??" Oh, please. That is way beyond the pale. The article and moreover the author lost credibility with me after I read that.
pilot0987 1
Thats our great nation at its best. Overspending, fraud, and greed.
Pileits 0


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