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Auburn University Aviation Management program in threat of shutdown

Auburn’s aviation program is the oldest continuously running aviation program in the nation. ( 更多...

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DashTrash 2
Thanks for posting this! Hopefully we'll be able to keep the program going.
To all interested in helping... Please visit FlyAuburn.Org and check out the material and documents.
There is also a petition anyone can sign.
DashTrash 1
Auburn is more than just a flight program. It is unique in that grads are prepared to do things other than fly airplanes upon graduation.

Auburn is also an affordable program. Each one that closes puts a little dent in the supply of future pilots. That effects the entire industry, which is why this squawk is worthy of being here.

As far as Riddle being the "leader", I really don't think "leader" can be properly defined when it comes to collegiate aviation programs. I can tell you from flying with grads from every program that when it comes to checklists, flows, procedures, etc, they're all the same. For the longest time Auburn grads seemed to think outside the manuals, however.

Then again I AM a little biased.
CaptJeff 1
I'm a graduate of Auburn's Aviation Management program (1981), and have been a pilot for Delta for 24+ years (after serving in the USAF for seven).

I am also the host of an aviation podcast, and will mention this in my next episode.

Jeff Nielsen (aka "Captain Jeff)
While I hate to see anything in private industry/education come to an end...other than this not just a matter of private business? I have to imagine that other sources such as Embry Riddle and others have taken up the position as leader in the industry. So, ebb and flow seems to be the game of the day.


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