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Air marshals, flight attendants fight new TSA knife policy

Groups representing federal air marshals and flight attendants are fuming over the Transportation Security Administration's decision to allow small knives back on airplanes and are asking the TSA to reconsider. ( 更多...

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bbabis 3
This is a ridiculous story. Anyone with a lick of common sense realizes that any person bent on mayhem will get what they can onboard an airliner. If I'm unlucky enough to also be onboard, at least I will be glad that myself and others can fight back with our 6 centimeter knives, golf clubs, toy bats, ski poles, pool cues, and hockey and lacrosse sticks. Ultimately I'd like to be able to go through some check or class that would allow me to carry my gun onboard. In a bad situation it does little good unloaded and locked in the belly of the aircraft. Remember, when you give up rights for the promise of safety, you have neither.
dmanuel 3
Are we really in fear of a 2.3 inch knife? Look around any airliner, aren't there a multitude of items that could be substituted as a 2.3 in cutting or puncturing tool? I wonder what the family is thinking when their mate/parent expresses so much fear on this topic.
joel wiley 2
I minor example of how liberties, once lost, are difficult to retrieve. My Swiss Army Knife (SAK) is not a WMD.
Andy Tyler -1
nope but it sure can be a weapon of mass pain
LancairESP 2
From a small local airport I flew on a B17 a couple years ago and the TSA required the crew to subject passengers to a metal screener. One WWII vet had a pocket knife ( >2" long). The crew chief laughed says that he had aboard a fire ax to counter any knife-wielding wacko. Oh so true! And yes, the vet boarded with his knife in his pocket.
Toby Sharp 2
this just isn't gonna cut it!
Well, my thought is, a foreign trained crew, flying for a foreign air carrier, operating to any free world big city, could use their aircraft as the terrorists did 9/11. They would have been in a layover there, report for duty, go through customs and the TSA's checkpoints. No weapons in their bags, their airline ID's, passports, visas,...all flawless. Refuel their plane snd operate it normally late fir the authorities to react and do something. Imagine, as an example, a fully loaded airliner taking off from Paris, London, New York, any big city and right after take off being crashed in the middle of the city. It's my modest opinion. Agencies like the TSA are useless to prevent another terrorist attack. There are always serious security flaws which are undetectable, (unless they have a brain scanner to see what's inside a pilot's mind). It's scary to find out we all are in the hands of terrorism. Maybe it's time to find out other ways to solve the problem, rather than getting people out of their shoes and with belts, laptops and phones in a tray to get to airport "secure" areas.
I hope I'm wrong...
The problem with airline safety, is not a little army knife or a nail cutter, (I lost both the very first week of the TSA's implementation). There are lots of "weapons" on board which could eventually be way much dangerous than a small knife.
Next terrorist attack using airliners, if it ever happens again, imho, will come from a foreign airline operated by a fundamentalist foreign crew, who will get flawlessly through the TSA checkpoints. I think, nowadays, a terrorist with an army knife, holf club or fake bomb, would be reduced, (or even killed!), by the passengers, crew and air marshalls, which by the way, as far as I know, aren't on board foreign airliners
Andy Tyler 1
Why? non-American flight crews have to go thru just as much security screening as passengers. You can't really stop a pilot though.
Braden Joe 1
Seriously TSA? Besides you can't really carry on golf clubs and hockey sticks, at best you'd have to gate check them.
euronorb 0
Why does anyone need a knife onboard an aircraft anyway ? are you going to "whittle" a piece of wood Into something while you wait for your Inflight meal ? or maybe If the airliner goes mechanical and slams into the ground on some remote island you will have a survival tool If you survive the Impact.
Certainly hope the Air Marshals and Flight Attendants, can get The Stupidity Agency (TSA) to retract their huge mistake
Andy Tyler 2
knives okay. a water bottle, nope. TSA Logic at its best.

joel wiley 1
Water bottle ok, as long as it is empty.


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