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Boeing 757-200 (N402UP)


The pilots have this UPS B752 on a power climb away from runway 16R and headed for the wild blue yonder in this shot taken at 8 AM this morning ( 2 Jan 19). N402UP, making its first trip of the new calendar year, was departing Reno to complete the second half of an early morning Sacramento Mather - Reno Tahoe International - Phoenix Sky Harbor (KMHR-KRNO-KPHX) route.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
The sun was up high enough to light up the snow covered crest of the Sierra Nevada but not yet quite high enough to chase the shadows out of the valleys and with the temperature at a nice crisp 21 degrees with no wind, the conditions were perfect to be out for an early morning photo session.
Greg Byington
Very nice, Gary!
Greg Byington
Just for the record, Gary, I gave it a 5. ;-)
Kobe Hunte
Awesome pic! 5*!
That unmistakable steep climb of a 757 - my most favorite plane! Great picture against the backdrop of those snow capped mountains!
marylou anderson
good shot
Bill Vance
757s LOVE steep climbs. Happy New Year Gary.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg, Kobe, dpadhye, Marylou, and Bill >>> Hey, Hi to all of you and much, much Thanks for commenting and for the complis. dpadhye & Bill >>> 16R here is just a couple of feet over 11,000 feet long -- and these pilots had N402UP nose high with mains off the concrete in one/third of that distance. Even as I still had my eye to the viewfinder and was continuing to snap shutter bursts, I was exclaiming a long "Geeeeeez!" out loud to myself. It wasn't a takeoff; it was more like a launch. I truly believe that this was the most "vertical" style climb I've ever seen a commercial jetliner make. It was absolutely breathtaking!
Hey, Bill >>> Happy New Year right back to you and your family. (Wave) And also, I need you to give me some way of contacting you. Just a few weeks ago, I was invited to go on a short flight on an Osprey. When I asked, I was told I could invite one or two others. I tried to get a message to you (and Ned and jet4ang and Gary M) via this gallery (look under my night pic of the Osprey - the one on the first page of my folder - and you will see my post in the COMMENTS section), but you did not see my post. I don't know any other way of contacting you. It was only a short flight, at night, but you would have REALLY loved it. So if you provide me with some way to contact you, it may get you a great opportunity sometime. If interested, send an email to OldeCarl@gmail.com. Do NOT post any contact info here in this forum. If not interested, no problem, I understand. And once again, Happy New Year, Bill. (Thumbs Up)
Kobe Hunte
What camera do you use Gary? Very clear picture.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Kobe, I have four Canon cameras, but two are extremely worn out and I keep them just for emergency backup use. This click was snapped with a Canon Rebel T6s. Although Canon already has a newer model out (the T7 series - I have a T7i), the T6s is still available for purchase brand new -- and because the T7 series is out, the T6 series cameras are cheaper now. To you or to anyone pondering a purchase, I highly, highly recommend the Canon T6s (be certain it is an "s"). This camera has endured desert windstorms with intense blowing sand and dirt - numerous times, below zero temperatures - numerous times, downpouring rain, tumbles down rocky mountainsides when accidentally dropped, salty ocean spray, and the shutter has been snapped over 2 hundred thousand times - yep, you read it right - over 200,000; and it hasn't failed even once. Of course, I'm very aware that other cameras (Nikon, etc) are equally as durable, but I can't speak for them because I've never owned one. A few decades back, my wife bought me a Canon 35mm as a gift ... and every camera I've owned ever since then has been Canon. And ... Canon appreciates loyalty. One of my previous camera was (and still IS) a Canon T3i. The shutter wore out OVER THREE YEARS after I bought it -- long, LONG after the warranty had expired and far, far, FAR beyond the standard number of times a shutter mechanism can reasonably be expected to work. I sent it in to Canon anyways. Now, most companies would just tell the customer to toss it and buy a new camera. If the customer insisted, the company would repair it -- and bill the customer for everything. Canon fixed my T3i and sent it back -- no charge for repairs and Canon paid the shipping cost to get it back to me. And I've still got that old T3i. And it still takes great pics. And another advantage. All my TAMRON zoom lenses fit my T3i, my T6s, and my T7i. So I bought the lenses once and get to use them on all my cameras. That means I've been able to buy different new lenses because I don't have to replace the ones I already had. (Grin) OK, Kobe. I know this is more info than you asked for, but I figured if you might be considering buying a new camera someday, my experiences with Canon might be useful to you. Thank you for the compliment about the pic, and Happy New Year to you. (Wave)
Greg Byington
Hey, Gary, I'm a Canon guy, too. I got my first one in 1976, a 35mm F1. Been using them ever since.
C.W. Reed
Always always love these KRNO shots! I think this is the year to start taking pics with a Canon myself. Thanks so much Gary! Cheers!
Gary... I have some Canon glass here... alas, all are 35mm film cameras/lenses.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg, Cliff, and C.W. >>> In the past four or so years, I have been the recipient of some ultra-extraordinary offers and opportunities. I am not a pilot nor do I have any formal training in any aspect of aviation. I am an amateur photographer ... in the sense that I have never presented myself as a professional photog and I have no formal photography training, I don't know much about using PS to take a pic and then phoney it up, and I have never made a dime from the pics I take and give away to anyone who wants them. And I do not claim that my photos are professional quality. Thus, I am an amateur. So I credit three primary reasons why I am getting so many fantastic invitations, offers, requests, and opportunities; and so much unlimited access to so many airports, etc. Reason #1) FlightAware's photo gallery. Reason #2) Canon's superb cameras. Reason #3) The folks who view my pics in my FA gallery folder. Actually, they MUST be the reasons .... because I don't solicit anything and yet my 2019 calendar is already filling up rapidly. So I owe my present "career" experiences as an aviation photo hobbyist to FA, to Canon, and to FA viewers. FA has taught me everything I know about digital photography and allows me to display my pics, Canon has made it possible for me to take decent pictures, and the folks who view my pics on FA have implied (by the view counts) that my pics are interesting enough to look at. Added note to C.W. >>> If there is any advice or helpful info I can give you when you get started, simply email me at OldeCarl@gmail.com. And TYVM for the comment re: the pics. (Wave)
Gary... well stated!!! Your photography results are both superlative and worthy of acclaim, my friend!
C.W. Reed
Ditto Cliff's response! Will certainly get in touch soon!Have a lot of old snapshots from spotting/ airhows at KMAE,KNLC (Lemoore NAS),KFAT,KSMF 70's/80's. Happy 2019 Gary! (wave back!)
Kobe Hunte
@ Gary Schenauer - i had an old Canon t1i for ages.. it served me well but i switched to new glass.. i got a Nikon D5600... sorry for switching to nikon canon supporters.. but the price was too good to resist!
Lonnie Penner
A 757 with triple landing gear!! I know, both gear are just aligned perfectly. But looks kinda cool. Nice photo of a great plane and interesting comments. I own both Canon and Nikon and both are excellent.
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日期 機型 出發地 目的地 起飛 到達 飛行時間
2020年 07月 03日 B752达拉斯-沃思堡国际机场 ()杰克逊维尔国际机场 () 03:00 CDT 05:51 EDT 1:50
2020年 07月 02日 B752鳳凰城天港國際機場 ()达拉斯-沃思堡国际机场 () 19:41 MST 23:30 CDT 1:49
2020年 07月 02日 B752Hector Intl ()鳳凰城天港國際機場 () 06:51 CDT 07:31 MST 2:40
2020年 07月 02日 B752Muhammad Ali Intl ()Hector Intl () 05:04 EDT 05:47 CDT 1:42
2020年 07月 02日 B752費城國際機場 ()Muhammad Ali Intl () 00:17 EDT 01:34 EDT 1:16
2020年 07月 01日 B752Richmond Intl ()費城國際機場 () 21:38 EDT 22:12 EDT 0:34
2020年 07月 01日 B752Norfolk Intl ()Richmond Intl () 20:24 EDT 20:43 EDT 0:18
2020年 07月 01日 B752Richmond Intl ()Norfolk Intl () 06:24 EDT 06:43 EDT 0:18
2020年 07月 01日 B752費城國際機場 ()Richmond Intl () 03:33 EDT 04:07 EDT 0:33
2020年 06月 30日 B752Richmond Intl ()費城國際機場 () 21:39 EDT 22:20 EDT 0:40
2020年 06月 30日 B752Norfolk Intl ()Richmond Intl () 20:22 EDT 20:38 EDT 0:16
2020年 06月 30日 B752Richmond Intl ()Norfolk Intl () 06:40 EDT 06:59 EDT 0:18
2020年 06月 30日 B752費城國際機場 ()Richmond Intl () 03:43 EDT 04:17 EDT 0:33
2020年 06月 29日 B752布拉德利國際機場 ()費城國際機場 () 21:47 EDT 22:31 EDT 0:43
2020年 06月 28日 B752Syracuse Hancock Intl ()布拉德利國際機場 () 18:36 EDT 19:10 EDT 0:33
2020年 06月 28日 B752Muhammad Ali Intl ()Syracuse Hancock Intl () 16:20 EDT 17:41 EDT 1:20
2020年 06月 26日 B752McGhee Tyson ()Muhammad Ali Intl () 23:38 EDT 00:17 EDT (+1) 0:38
2020年 06月 26日 B752Palm Beach Intl ()McGhee Tyson () 06:02 EDT 07:35 EDT 1:32
2020年 06月 26日 B752費城國際機場 ()Palm Beach Intl () 02:57 EDT 05:00 EDT 2:02
2020年 06月 25日 B752奥黑尔国际机场 ()費城國際機場 () 21:25 CDT 23:50 EDT 1:25
2020年 06月 25日 B752达拉斯-沃思堡国际机场 ()奥黑尔国际机场 () 02:46 CDT 04:29 CDT 1:43
2020年 06月 24日 B752奥兰多国际机场 ()达拉斯-沃思堡国际机场 () 21:11 EDT 22:31 CDT 2:19
2020年 06月 24日 B752达拉斯-沃思堡国际机场 ()奥兰多国际机场 () 03:01 CDT 06:01 EDT 1:59
2020年 06月 23日 B752San Bernardino Intl ()达拉斯-沃思堡国际机场 () 19:11 PDT 23:39 CDT 2:28
2020年 06月 23日 B752Muhammad Ali Intl ()San Bernardino Intl () 16:00 EDT 16:59 PDT 3:59
2020年 06月 23日 B752波特兰国际机场 ()Muhammad Ali Intl () 06:23 PDT 12:58 EDT 3:35
2020年 06月 23日 B752Boeing Field Intl ()波特兰国际机场 () 04:50 PDT 05:22 PDT 0:31
2020年 06月 23日 B752Muhammad Ali Intl ()Boeing Field Intl () 02:40 EDT 03:50 PDT 4:10
2020年 06月 22日 B752T. F. Green International ()Muhammad Ali Intl () 21:48 EDT 23:50 EDT 2:01
2020年 06月 22日 B752Albany Intl ()T. F. Green International () 20:28 EDT 21:00 EDT 0:31
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