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Hawk Moore
What year was this snapped? Certainly was beautiful livery.
Hawk Moore
Isn’t this the aircraft that crashed into the Everglades in 1972?
This is the L-1011 that crashed in the Everglades.
If you are going to use - Photos Taken by Jerry Stanick - you should at least give the original photographer some credit.
ken kemper
Beautiful Photo James Sad outcome in the Everglades....Remember that crash when I was a kid.

5 Stars /
Fritz Cooper
L1011, the first commercial liner to make a successful 0-0 landing. Auto-throttle and Inertial Navigation system based on latitude - longitude coordinates of departure point and touchdown zone; flight director coordinated with radar altimeter. We will need this capability when Chinese Communists and / or Russian Dictator destroy our GPS satellites parked in geostational orbit.
The image is from March 1972. Also, this image is from the Jon Proctor collection and is copyrighted.

John Ware
L-1011 was a beautiful aircraft. It was one of the few commercial aircraft when I was with Eastern that I could walk under without having to bend over. Flew MIA to LAX in the jump seat during fading days of Eastern. Let down over the mountains in to LAX we could now see the air we were breathing.
Raymond Powers
Beautiful ship and I was involved in the tooling and later the inspection of parts that went into her. I flew in her a few times and was impressed with the smoothness of the ride. She had a lot fewer rivets in her skin because of the metal bonding that was used. It had half the number of rivets the DC 10 has. I've seen the graveyard at the old George AFB in Victorville, Ca., where there are/were many L-1011s were stored prior to destruction. What a pity.
Ed Sherlock
Beautiful aircraft!! Flew as Avionics Engineer over 500 hours, certified the AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System) with the FAA. Sperry rep trained me to swing the magnetic heading flux valves in the wing tips. Only flew a few commercial flights in the L-1011, and it was much quieter than the DC-10. The Cat III-C (0-0) landing system was awesome. It was an analog system, no digital. Watching 300+ O2 masks drop from the ceiling as we passed 14,500 ft was impressive. Lots of fun times in Flight Test!!
GPS satellites are not geostationary (to Fritz's comment)
Mark Ryalls
Beautiful Eastern L-1011. I have flown a lot on Delta's L-1011s.
Bruce Pryde
Lockheed's version of the McDonnell Douglas DC-10.
Carlos Rivas
There were some interesting ghost tales after this crash. In any case love and miss the L-1011. Worked around the aircraft when Delta had them.
Ned Griffin
1st flight on a jumbo was Air Canada L1011 in 1975 from Montreal to Calgary. I was super impressed not only by the size but how quiet it was. Fabulous plane!
Gary Grogan
One of the coolest planes ever, I remember when it miscalculated the Miami airport, and landed in the Florida Everglades!
Vinny Barbin
An Eastern Air Lines L-1011 TriStar in St. Louis in 1972. This aircraft would become the first L-1011 and first wide-body hull-loss as Eastern Air Lines Flight 401.
Pierre Everaert
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One of my favorite aircraft the L1011. I was lucky to have flown a number of them. Nice shot
Gail Wilson
The L-1011 that crashed in the Everglades was flight 401. I flew from TLH to MIA that evening on an EAL DC9 and my parents saw this in the news and thought I might have been on this plane, even though it came out of JFK.
1st ever flight to Orlando in 1992 what an experience.
William Barker
What an aircraft! Those avionics were far ahead of the competition. I was an instructor on that Collins-Lear autoflight system at Lockheed's Palmdale training facility when it was the final assembly plant for the L-1011 Tri-Star. (Yeah, I'm older than dirt.)
Yep, Eastern Flight 401. There's also an episode of Air Emergency (Mayday) about the unfortunate loss... all because of the failure of a light bulb.
Gary Grogan- your statement referencing Flt.401's unfortunate and entirely un-necessary crash into the Florida Everglades is way off the mark. Read DEWEY #'s comment and then see how correct he is. It had NOTHING to do with miscalculating ANY airport.
Thomas Panther
If this is the plane that crashed approaching MIA I believe one of the 2 at the controls said "what's wrong with the altimeter" as they were obsessed over an inconsequential warning light in the cockpit. The truth was, there WAS NOTHING WRONG with the altimeter. They WERE that close to impact.
Greg Byington
Nice shot, and this is the aircraft that crashed. But it wasn't the altimeter. One of the landing gear lights was burned out, and while the crew was all preoccupied with trying to figure out if the gear was actually down they didn't notice that the autopilot had been disconnected and that they were descending. So, basically, no one was flying the plane. Very sad.


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