MEDEVAC ("Lifeguard") Flights
MEDEVAC flights are for missions of an urgent medical nature and the call sign is utilized when a flight requires expeditious handling. Air Traffic Control will expedite the handling of aircraft using a lifeguard prefix to their flight identifier.
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Airborne MEDEVAC ("Lifeguard") Flights
Arrival Time
N441CXC441Bismarck Muni ()St Paul Holman Fld ()星期三 01:29 CDT星期三 03:00 CDT01:20
N481HCBE20St George Muni ()Salt Lake City Intl ()星期三 00:28 MDT星期三 01:21 MDT00:57
N793DCBE20Poplar Muni ()Billings Logan Intl ()星期三 00:13 MDT星期三 01:02 MDT00:49
N211LGBE20Centennial ()Casper/Natrona County Intl ()星期三 00:02 MDT星期三 00:58 MDT01:00
N54DDC560Chino ()舊金山國際機場 ()星期二 22:58 PDT星期二 23:53 PDT01:01
N23ALJ35John Wayne ()塔尔萨国际机场 ()星期二 22:55 PDT星期三 03:42 CDT02:49
N453AMLJ35Scottsdale ()San Antonio Intl ()星期二 22:51 MST星期三 02:36 CDT01:51
N912SVBE20Sidney-Richland Muni ()Billings Logan Intl ()星期二 23:47 MDT星期三 00:40 MDT00:53
N26GPLJ35Punta Cana Int'l ()Wilmington Intl ()星期三 01:46 AST星期三 04:31 EDT02:53
N990TCC550Lubbock Smith Intl ()Houston Executive ()星期三 00:38 CDT星期三 01:52 CDT01:14
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MEDEVAC flights operate under their own identifier but are displayed in red on other FlightAware pages.


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