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Non-stop fares

Passengers traveling from 巴尔的摩/华盛顿瑟古德·马歇尔国际机场 (Baltimore, MD) () to 鳳凰城天港國際機場 (鳳凰城, 亞利桑那州) () on Southwest (or its operators) paid the following prorated amounts for that one-way ticket during the previous 12 months:

Fare classMinimum/TicketMedian/TicketMaximum/TicketRevenue/FlightRevenue/Year
Unrestricted Coach Class$59.97$393.40$564.32$2,540.45$2,865,627.67
Restricted Coach Class$51.37$209.50$510.94$17,525.60$19,768,884.68

Alternate routings and fares

Popular airport connections or alternate routing from 巴尔的摩/华盛顿瑟古德·马歇尔国际机场 (Baltimore, MD) () and 鳳凰城天港國際機場 (鳳凰城, 亞利桑那州) () across all carriers over the last 12 months included (prices lower than the most popular are in bold):

non-stopUS Airways19%$57.97$216.09$1,783.51
(operated by US Airways)
via Delta4%$87.60$166.33$1,169.97
via US Airways4%$68.96$253.00$931.07
via Continental3%$92.90$160.22$1,663.03
via AirTran3%$74.41$152.49$542.05
via Delta2%$100.53$167.39$726.00
via Delta2%$108.39$153.96$819.99
via United2%$50.02$168.70$683.16
via Delta2%$102.70$149.69$723.28
via United2%$89.28$170.73$793.05
via American Airlines2%$93.83$201.41$2,118.99
via US Airways2%$112.15$274.95$929.00
via Southwest1%$100.99$179.58$454.03
via Delta1%$98.40$141.86$1,378.01
via Southwest1%$97.41$197.69$464.22

Flight frequency

On non-stop flights from 巴尔的摩/华盛顿瑟古德·马歇尔国际机场 (Baltimore, MD) () to 鳳凰城天港國際機場 (鳳凰城, 亞利桑那州) (), carriers flew the following number of flights during the previous 12 months:

CarrierFlights performedFlights scheduledPercentage flown
US Airways69370498%

Load factor

On non-stop flights from 巴尔的摩/华盛顿瑟古德·马歇尔国际机场 (Baltimore, MD) () to 鳳凰城天港國際機場 (鳳凰城, 亞利桑那州) (), carriers filled this percentage of their seats during the previous 12 months:

CarrierPercentage of seats filledTotal seatsPassengersAverage per flight
US Airways86%87,75978,357113


On non-stop flights from 巴尔的摩/华盛顿瑟古德·马歇尔国际机场 (Baltimore, MD) () to 鳳凰城天港國際機場 (鳳凰城, 亞利桑那州) (), carriers handled this amount of cargo (including passenger luggage) during the previous 12 months:

CarrierCargo weight (lbs)Mail transport (lbs)
US Airways25,372,700553,865

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